Must Have Beauty Tools!

Beauty Tools

Beauty tools are a great step to add into your morning or evening skincare routine for an extra step of pampering. Whether it’s a face massager, a gua sha, or some form of light therapy, your skin will thank you.

Skincare can be daunting to some, and for others it’s just a routine we want to skip altogether so that we can head to bed. However, adding tools may add some motivation as you are taking a few extra minutes to remove the stress of the day. Take a moment to decompress and take time to yourself with these must have beauty tools.


Gua Sha

The Gua Sha technique has been around for centuries, and is a great method to add in your morning skincare routine to promote lymphatic drainage, which can assist in eliminating bloating from the face, allowing for a less puffy appearance in the morning. Although temporary, when correctly using this method, it can also add some structure to your face, allowing a more chiseled appearance. When using the tool, you want to ensure your skin has some slip to it, to ensure you are not tugging your delicate skin. Start off with a cleansed face, you can use the First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser, and then apply a generous amount of facial oil, such as the Biossance 100% Sugarcane Squalane Oil. Once your skin has been slathered in oil, you want to use the side with the divet on the gua sha and start off on your jaw going in upward motions, moving on to your cheeks and then forehead. Some of our favorite gua shas include the Mount Lai Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool and the Sephora Collection Black Obsidian Face and Body Gua Sha.


Face Rollers

Face rollers are also a great tool to use if a Gua Sha seems more complicated for beginners. Some come with one head, or two heads and are used in a similar fashion as the Gua Sha. These can be used day or night, and have a similar effect in draining your face from any puffiness, but can also increase blood flow in the skin. The Nurse Jamie Uplift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller is one of the most coveted tools out there. The rolling motion and 24 stones assist in reviving your skin, allowing for a more uplifted look. The Sephora Collection Dual-headed Facial Massager provides a similar effect and for a fraction of the price! 


Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a great way of preventing acne and wrinkles. The red lights are used to activate a photosensitizer drug, creating a chemical reaction, which can destroy cells. This turnover in cells allows your skin to treat acne, scarring, wrinkles and also reduce skin inflammation and stimulate collagen production[1]. Although this treatment can be done by professionals, many brands are coming out with their own at home light therapy devices. Although an investment, you can check out the Shani Darden by Déesse PRO LED Light Mask or the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro for a more affordable price. When using the light therapy, you want to ensure you are cleansing your face first, and then applying the therapy treatment mask, and following with your nightly skincare routine.  Ensure to follow the instructions on how to use the product for best results as it can differ from each product.

So, are these beauty tools for you or just an extra step in your routine to avoid? Although tools may not be for everyone, or a step to include in your everyday routine, you should always remember to give yourself at least five minutes a day for a little treat. Feeling your best and looking your best all begins with a little self care!


The information found on Spa 6ix is not intended to be used as medical advice to treat any medical condition in yourself or others, including but not limited to the any patients that you are treating. All posts are to be treated as opinions. We highly recommend consulting your dermatologist before trying any new products or creating a routine to address any skin concerns. The reader of this site acknowledges that they are responsible for their own health decisions. All links provided are affiliate links.

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