How to Have Fresh Hair for a Week

How to Have Fresh Hair for a Week

Judging from the title of this blog post you’ve guessed what this is about – not washing your hair for an ENTIRE week without it looking like a hot, greasy mess.

But you may be wondering, is this even possible? I want to tell you that YES it totally is! So many people are hopping on this trend of not washing your hair for an entire week and for a good reason. I mean it may be a foreign concept to some, but coming from an Indian household we only ever washed our hair once a week growing up anyway. Of course as I got older, I moved to the trend of washing it more frequently and sometimes even a few days in a row. However, I most recently have switched back to washing it only once per week. But it wasn’t an easy trip to get it to this stage. I have long, dark hair, oily skin and was always prone to dandruff. I only recently started colouring my hair in 2019 and have adjusted a few things in my routine to help keep my hair looking healthy and strong.


Why is Washing Your Hair Too Frequently BAD for You?

There are a number of reasons why frequently washing your hair isn’t that good for you.

For one, your scalp gets stripped of its essential oils and becomes oilier than it is actually supposed to be since your skin tries to compensate for excessive dryness. Excessive dryness and poor scalp health ultimately leads to more hair fallout and even premature greying. Every time we heat style our hair we are actually damaging the hair shafts which leads to increased split ends.


How do you actually Train Your Hair to be LESS oily?

This is the ultimate question that everyone seems to wonder about. How do you even make it 7 days without it smelling bad or looking like a greasy mess? Well, there are a few tricks that I have been using in order to prolong my style for an entire week after shampooing.


Use a salon quality shampoo and conditioner

I was never the type to use very expensive products or even conditioner for that matter before. In fact, I thought the cheaper the shampoo the better and no conditioner would keep my hair less oily, however, I was wrong. My hair stylist pointed out that drugstore shampoos cause build up on the scalp which essentially leads to more dandruff and oil on the scalp. By switching over to a salon quality shampoo/conditioner duo, I was able to prolong my style and keep my scalp squeaky clean for longer! My favourite brand is Olaplex because it is vegan, clean and made with concentrated ingredients instead of being watered down like drugstore shampoos.


Use a dry shampoo

If there is one thing you do for your hair routine to go longer in between washes it is to get a good dry shampoo. Now I have tried and used a bunch of dry shampoos but my favourite two are by Living Proof and IGK. Again, I know these are more on the expensive side, but a little goes a long way and they don’t leave my hair with a heavy white caste like other brands I have tried.


Brush your hair regularly

I know this one seems obvious, but you would be surprised to hear how many people actually skip this step. It is important to make sure your hair is tangle free and residue is swept away by brushing it everyday. Start by dry brushing your ends and slowly working your way up. I love using the Manta Healthy Hair Brush and yes it is $42 however it is the best hair investment I have made. It is a brush that you can easily keep clean and the bristles do not pull or tug on your hair. I use this both on wet and dry hair and the best part is that it can be used for any hair type. Another neat thing that can be done with the manta is that you can exfoliate the scalp before washing. This helps to clear the scalp of any extra residue, dry skin and reduces oiliness.


Apply products on ends

Keep styling products like leave-in conditioners or creams away from the root and the scalp. When using styling products, try to use products that are lightweight, absorb easily and don’t weigh the hair down. I love products by Olaplex, Living Proof and Briogio. I put them on my hands and concentrate them at the ends which is normally where my hair needs the most moisture.

These tips and tricks will definitely keep your hair less oily. If you don’t manage to go the entire week, at least try to do an extra day at a time and slowly try to increase the amount of days you go in between washes. The results are fabulous because you get less breakage, and healthier hair.


If you try these tips out, definitely provide me with your feedback by sending me an email.

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