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Brow Services

Microblading & Combination Brows.

Experience Effortless Elegance with Microblading

Achieve the perfect brows you’ve always dreamed of with our expert microblading services. Our skilled technicians meticulously craft each stroke to create natural, defined eyebrows. Whether you’re looking to enhance your arches, add symmetry, or simply wake up with flawless brows every morning, microblading is the answer.

Microblading Spa 6ix Brow Services

Why Choose Microblading?

  • Customized eyebrow shape tailored to your face
  • Precise hair-like strokes for a realistic look
  • results last up to 1-2 years
  • Minimal discomfort with topical numbing
  • Effortless beauty  which means no more daily brow routines

The Process:

  1. Consultation: We discuss your desired look and create a personalized design.

  2. Microblading: Our skilled technician uses a fine blade to create delicate strokes, meticulously filling and shaping your brows.

  3. Healing: Your new brows will darken initially and then heal to reveal the perfect shade for your skin tone.

Results You'll Love.

  • Symmetrical eyebrows
  • An effortless polished appearance
  • Experience a confidence boost every day

Elevate your beauty game with flawless brows that frame your face. Book your appointment today and embrace the beauty of effortless elegance.

Combination Brows:
Where Artistry Meets Natural Beauty

Combo Brows, short for Combination Brows, are a masterful fusion of microblading and shading techniques. This unique approach to eyebrow enhancement results in stunning, multidimensional brows that appear naturally full, defined, and textured.

During the procedure, the artist uses microblading to delicately implant hair-like strokes into the areas of the brows that need enhancement. These strokes mimic the appearance of real hair which creates a defined look.

Combination Brows Spa 6ix Brow Services

Enhance your overall look with Combo Brows.

To complement the microbladed strokes and to add depth shading is created by a gentle stippling technique. This technique involves using a specialized tool to softly fill in the rest of the brow area, creating a powder-like finish. The combination of microblading and shading results in brows that are both soft and striking, blending seamlessly with your natural hair.

Combo Brows are easy to customize to your desired shape. Whether you prefer a more natural appearance or crave bolder brows, the artist can tailor the technique to suit your desired style.The result is a set of brows that elegantly frame your face and enhance your overall look.

Boost Your Confidence.

One of the main benefits of Combo Brows is it’s semi-permanent. They offer long-lasting results which minimizes the need for daily brow makeup application. Imagine waking up with perfectly balanced and defined brows every day, ready to conquer whatever comes your way.

If you’re seeking a transformative brow experience that balances artistry and authenticity, Combo Brows are the answer to all your needs. Enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence with brows that stand out.

Difference Between Microblading & Combo Brows

Microblading and Combo Brows are both popular eyebrow enhancement techniques, but they differ in their application and results.

Microblading Brow Services Spa 6ix


  • Technique: Microblading involves using a hand-held tool with fine needles to create hair-like strokes by using a pigment into the upper layer of the skin.

  • Result: The outcome is natural-looking, realistic hair strokes that mimic natural brow hairs. Microblading is ideal for those who want a subtle enhancement to fill in sparse areas and redefine their brows.

  • Look: Microbladed brows have a soft and delicate appearance, resembling natural hair growth.

  • Maintenance: Touch-ups are typically needed every 1-2 years to maintain the color and shape as the pigments gradually fade over time.

Combo Brows

  • Technique: Combo Brows combine microblading with machine shading techniques. Microblading is used to create hair-like strokes in areas where additional definition is needed, and machine shading is used to add a soft powdered effect to the rest of the brow.

  • Result: The combination of techniques results in brows that are both textured and defined. Combo Brows are versatile and can range from natural to more intense depending on the shading technique.

  • Look: Combo Brows offer a balance between the natural look of microblading and the defined appearance of shading.

  • Maintenance: Similar to microblading, touch-ups are needed but the added shading can extend the time between touch-ups as the shading fades more gradually.
Combo Brows Before and After

In summary, microblading is focused on creating realistic hair-like strokes, while Combo Brows combine microblading with shading to achieve a more dimensional and defined look. The choice between the two techniques depends on your desired outcome, the level of definition you prefer, and your personal style. It’s advisable to consult with a professional to determine which technique best suits your needs and preferences.

Before and After Care Instructions:


  • Do Your Research: Research and choose a qualified and experienced microblading artist with a proven track record of successful procedures.

  • Avoid Blood Thinners: Avoid consuming blood-thinning substances like alcohol, aspirin, or ibuprofen for at least 24 hours before the procedure to reduce bleeding and bruising.

  • No Waxing or Tinting: Refrain from waxing or tinting your eyebrows for at least three days before the appointment.

  • Consultation: Have a consultation with the microblading artist to discuss your expectations, concerns, and any allergies or skin sensitivities.

  • Patch Test: Request a patch test to check for any adverse reactions to the pigments used in microblading.

  • Sunscreen: Avoid excessive sun exposure and tanning in the days leading up to the procedure.


  • Follow Aftercare Instructions: Adhere to the specific aftercare instructions provided by your microblading artist to ensure proper healing and pigment retention.

  • Keep the Area Dry: Avoid getting the eyebrows wet for the first 7-10 days post-treatment, including during showering or swimming.

  • Avoid Touching: Refrain from touching, scratching or picking at the treated area to prevent infection and preserve the pigment.

  • No Makeup on the Area: Avoid applying makeup, creams or serums directly on the treated area during the initial healing period.

  • Avoid Sun Exposure: Minimize sun exposure and use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher when outdoors to prevent fading of the pigments.

  • No Swimming or Sauna: Avoid swimming, saunas or hot tubs during the healing process to prevent premature pigment loss.

  • Don’t Pick at Scabs: Let any scabs or flaking skin naturally shed off without picking, as this can affect the final results.

  • Be Patient: the initial pigmented area may appear darker and more intense during the healing process. The true color will gradually reveal itself as your skin heals.

  • Follow-Up Appointment: Schedule a follow-up appointment with your microblading artist as advised, typically around 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment, to assess the results and make any necessary touch-ups.

Always remember that each individual’s healing process may vary, so it’s essential to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your microblading artist diligently. This will help ensure beautiful and long-lasting results for your microbladed eyebrows.